Nomenclatural changes in the Paederinae (Coleoptera, Staphylinidae). American Museum novitates ; no. 3416

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New York, NY : American Museum of Natural History
More than 70 nomenclatural changes for the Paederinae are implemented herein, and 10 problematical names that were submitted to the International Commission on Zoological Nomenclature for action are described. The spelling of the species-group names for Procirrus lefebvrei Latreille, 1829, and Achenium jejunum Erichson, 1840, are deemed the correct original spellings. The following names are new combinations. Lithocharis stilicina (Cameron, 1931) is transferred from Medon. Lobrathium alticola (Cameron, 1943), Lobrathium badium (Cameron, 1924), and Lobrathium cylindricolle (Cameron, 1924) are transferred from Lathrobium. Micranops surinamensis (Herman, 1965) and Micranops volans (Blackwelder, 1943) are transferred from Orus, and Micranops yemenicus (Coiffait, 1981) is transferred from Scopaeus. Pinobius longipennis (Cameron, 1931) is transferred from Dolicaon. Platydomene anguina (Sharp, 1874), Platydomene carinicollis (Sharp, 1889), and Platydomene funebris (Sharp, 1889) are transferred from Lathrobium, and Platydomene nobilis (Sawada, 1965) is transferred from Lobrathium. Sunius fungi (Cameron, 1943), Sunius immsi (Bernhauer, 1914), Sunius laevior (Cameron, 1943), and Sunius monticola (Cameron, 1931) are transferred from Medon. Tetartopeus cognatus (Sharp, 1889) and Tetartopeus fulvipes (Adachi, 1955) are transferred from Lathrobium. Chloecharis Lynch, 1884, is a junior synonym of Hypomedon Mulsant and Rey, 1878. The correct names for the subspecies formerly referred to as Echiaster japonicus japonicus Bernhauer, 1923 and E. j. unicolor Bernhauer, 1922, are Echiaster unicolor unicolor Bernhauer, 1922, and Echiaster unicolor japonicus Bernhauer, 1923. Lathrobium elongatulum (MacLeay, 1873) was improperly replaced and therefore is resurrected. Medon abantensis Bordoni, 1980b, is a new junior synonymic homonym of Medon abantensis Bordoni, 1980a. Medon mersinus Bordoni, 1980b, is a junior homonym of Medon mersinus Bordoni, 1980a, and a new synonym of Medon haafi Scheerpeltz, 1956. Medon siculus Coiffait, 1970, is resurrected from synonymy with Medon sicilianus Coiffait, 1970. Ochthephilum biforme (Fauvel, 1895) is resurrected from synonymy with Ochthephilum semiopacum (Eppelsheim, 1895). Paederus (Dioncopaederus) Scheerpeltz, 1957, is a new synonym of Paederus (Poederomorphus) Gautier, 1862. Platydomene abdominalis (Hubenthal, 1911) is resurrected from synonymy with Platydomene domeniformis (Koch, 1938). Panscopaeus is a valid genus, not a subgenus of Achenomorphus. Panscopaeus yakushimanus (Ito, 1992) is a new combination and is transferred from Achenomorphus. Twenty-eight junior primary homonyms are replaced. The following new names are proposed: Astenus montanus for Astenus montanellus Cameron, 1941; Astenus nepalicus for Astenus nepalensis Scheerpeltz, 1976; Homaeotarsus torquatus for Homaeotarsus collaris (Sharp, 1885); Lathrobium austellum for Lathrobium abdominale Lea, 1923; Lathrobium sinense for Lathrobium chinense Bernhauer, 1938; Lathrobium morsum for Lathrobium nanum Sharp, 1876; Lathrobium pulchrum for Lathrobium pulchellum Lea, 1923; Lithocharis chyuluensis for Lithocharis simplex Cameron, 1942; Lithocharis sordidula for Lithocharis sordida Cameron, 1928; Lobrathium rubriventris for Lobrathium rufiventre (Coiffait, 1953); Medon hatchi for Medon capitalis Hatch, 1957; Medon insulanus for Medon insularis Cameron, 1941; Medon genialis for Medon lugubris Cameron, 1932; Medon maculosus for Medon maculipennis Fagel, 1965; Medon umbrosus for Medon opacinus Scheerpeltz, 1933; Medon papuensis for Medon papuanus Cameron, 1937; Medon unicus for Medon uniformis Cameron, 1932; Mimopinophilus petilus for Mimopinophilus gracilis (Fagel, 1963); Pseudolathra lineata for Pseudolathra seriata (Sharp, 1889); Ochthephilum impavidum for Ochthephilum arrowi (Bernhauer, 1939); Ochthephilum silvestre for Ochthephilum silvaticum (Jarrige, 1970); Oreopaederus macicornis for Oreopaederus filicornis (Fagel, 1954); Palaminus lumiventris for Palaminus spiniventris Bernhauer, 1943; Palaminus trapezimorphus for Palaminus trapezicollis Bernhauer, 1918; Pinophilus infragilis for Pinophilus robustus Bernhauer, 1915; Scopaeus okei for Scopaeus gracilis Oke, 1933; Rugilus scaber for Rugilus rudis (Fagel, 1961); Scymbalium scintillans for Scymbalium nitidum Bernhauer, 1943; and Sunius impennatus for Sunius apterus (Coiffait, 1981). Tetartopeus captiosus Casey, 1905, is resurrected to replace Tetartopeus punctulatus (LeConte, 1863). Lathrobium fulvipenne (Gravenhorst, 1806) is not a junior primary homonym and should not be replaced by the next available synonym. Scopaeus okei is proposed to replace Scopaeus gracilis Oke, 1933, a junior secondary homonym. For each of the following pairs of names, the first is a nomen protectum, the second a nomen oblitum: Achenium depressum (Gravenhorst, 1802) and Achenium variegatum (Geoffroy, 1785); Astenus lyonessius (Joy, 1980) and Astenus brunneus Stephens, 1833; Domene scabricollis (Erichson, 1840) and Domene scabricollis (Heer, 1839); Lobrathium multipunctum (Gravenhorst, 1802) and Lobrathium testaceum (Paykull, 1789); Platydomene bicolor (Erichson, 1840) and Lathrobium bicolor Heer, 1839; Rugilus angustatus (Geoffroy, 1785) and Staphylinus angustatus Schrank, 1781; Rugilus geniculatus (Erichson, 1839) and Rugilus punctipennis Stephens, 1833; Rugilus rufipes Germar, 1836 and Rugilus immunis Stephens, 1833; and Scopaeus minutus Erichson, 1840 and Scopaeus pumilus (Heer, 1839). Achenium schatzmayri Koch, 1937, is currently listed with an older synonym, but that relationship requires verification. The following names were submitted to the International Commission on Zoological Nomenclature for conservation: Astenus dimidiatus (Wollaston, 1864); Astenus filum (Aubé, 1850); Astenus rutilipennis Reitter, 1909; Astenus unicolor (Mulsant and Rey, 1878); Tetartopeus fulvipes (Adachi, 1955); Lathrobium geminum Kraatz, 1857; Lathrobium pallipes Sharp, 1889; Lobrathium badium (Cameron, 1924); Paederus limnophilus Erichson, 1840; Pinophilus tenuis Fagel, 1963; and Platydomene bicolor (Erichson, 1840).
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