New North American Tabanidae. 7, Descriptions of Tabaninae from Mexico (Diptera). American Museum novitates ; no. 1695

"Described as new and figured are the following species of Tabaninae from Mexico: Tabanus rockefelleri (holotype female, from Chihuahua), T. cazieri (holotype female, from Chihuahua), T. sepiensis (holotype female, from Rascon near Tampico), T. tumiscapens (holotype female, from Mecatan, Nayarit), T. glauconotatus (holotype female, near Toluca), T. mazzottii (holotype female, from Solio, Hidalgo), T. aztecus (holotype female, from Morelos), T. rhizonshine (holotype female and allotype male, from Nayarit), T. (Philipotabanus) enigmus (holotype female, from Santa Julia, Chiapas), Stenotabanus abacus (holotype female, from San Bernardo, Sonora), S. currani (holotype female, from San Blas, Nayarit, and male, from Sinaloa), Atylotus vargasi (holotype female, from Xochimilco, Districto Federal, and male from 'Chimalhuacan'), Hybomitra aitkeni (holotype female, from 'La Vewte,' Districto Federal), and H. zancla (holotype female, from Ixtlahuaca). The previously unrecognized T. (Philipotabanus) alteripennis Walker is redescribed from a specimen from Guerrero, and synonymy with T. caliginosus Bellardi is revealed. Comments are made on mainland occurrence of forms related to T. (Taeniotabanus) caymanicus Fairchild. Lectotypes are designated for T. craverii and T. carneus Bellardi and T. trivittatus Fabricius, all of which are based on cotypes of composite species"--P. 25-26.
26 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.
Includes bibliographical references (p. 26).