New genera, species, synonymies, and combinations in the "Lygus complex" from Japan : with discussion on Peltidolygus Poppius and Warrisia Carvalho (Heteroptera, Miridae, Mirinae). American Museum novitates ; no. 3378

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New York, NY : American Museum of Natural History
Three new genera, Pinalitopsis, Nepiolygus, and Apolygopsis, are proposed to accommodate the following new species of Japanese mirine plant bugs: P. rhodopotnia from the Kii Peninsula and Shikoku, and N. arare and A. furvocarinatus from the Ryukyu Islands. A new species of the genus Pachylygus Yasunaga, 1994, P. anthrax, is also described from Shikoku. Several new synonymies are proposed: Peltidolygus Poppius, 1915 = Zhengiella Yasunaga and Lu, 1994; Warrisia Carvalho, 1986 = Gotocapsus Yasunaga and Nakatani, 1998; and Warrisia huonensis (Poppius, 1914) = Lygus tonkinensis Poppius, 1914. The following new combinations are established: Peltidolygus scutellatus (Yasunaga and Lu, 1994), Warrisia deraeocoroides (Yasunaga and Nakatani, 1998), Apolygopsis elegans (Zheng and Wang, 1983), A. emeia (Zheng and Wang, 1983), A. mosaicus (Zheng and Wang, 1983), A. nigritulus (Linnavuori, 1961), A. picturatus (Zheng and Wang, 1983), and A. yunnananus (Zheng and Wang, 1983). Two subgenera of Lygocoris Reuter, 1875, Lygocorias Yasunaga, 1992 new status and Neolygus Knight, 1917 new status, are raised to genera. The relationships between Peltidolygus and Henrylygus Schwartz, 1998, and among Gianellia Poppius, 1914, Krausmiris Carvalho, 1986, Liistonotus Reuter, 1906, and Warrisia, are discussed. Keys are provided to distinguish Japanese genera of the "Lygus complex" and species of Peltidolygus and Warrisia.
26 p. : ill. ; 26 cm.
Includes bibliographical references (p. 24-26).