A review of the Asian goblin spider genus Camptoscaphiella (Araneae, Oonopidae). (American Museum novitates, no. 3697)

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American Museum of Natural History.
The goblin spider genus Camptoscaphiella Caporiacco has been shrouded in mystery because its type species, C. fulva Caporiacco, was based on a juvenile specimen and considered a nomen dubium. The discovery of near-topotypic material, including both males and females, now permits a more complete description of the type species and name stabilization with some certainty. Camptoscaphiella is here delimited to include only those species with the combined presence of a greatly enlarged male palpal patella, a palpal bulb well separated from the cymbium, male endites with anteromedian brushlike scopula, male abdomen with the dorsal and ventral scuta fused anteriorly, female genitalia with an external copulatory opening, and with extremely long paired spines on the tibiae and metatarsi of legs I and II in both sexes. Camptoscaphiella now includes 15 species, mostly recorded from single locations and distributed primarily in the Himalayan Mountains, from Pakistan to China, but with two isolated species in Sri Lanka and Thailand. The type species, C. fulva Caporiacco, is here described and Camptoscaphiella hilaris Brignoli from Bhutan redescribed. Nine species are newly described: C. gunsa Baehr, n. sp. ([female]), and C. loebli Baehr, n. sp. ([male, female]), from North India; C. martensi Baehr, n. sp. ([f]), C. nepalensis Baehr, n. sp. ([m,f]), C. panchthar Baehr, n. sp. ([f]), and C. taplejung Baehr, n. sp. ([f]), from Nepal; C. paquini Ubick, n. sp. ([m,f]), from China; C. schwendingeri Baehr, n. sp. ([m]), from Thailand; and C. simoni Baehr, n. sp. (m], from Sri Lanka. These species, along with C. silens Brignoli and C. strepens Brignoli from Nepal and C. sinensis Deeleman-Reinhold and C. tuberans Tong and Li from China, are included in the key and mapped. Excluded from Camptoscaphiella is C. infernalis Harvey and Edward from Western Australia that, along with Opopaea fosuma Burger et al. from Sumatra, represents an undescribed genus.
65 p. : ill. (some col.), maps ; 26 cm. "October 1, 2010."
Camptoscaphiella., Spiders., Himalaya Mountains., Sri Lanka., Thailand.