Notes on Peromyscus (Muridae) of Mexico and Central America. American Museum novitates ; no. 2357

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New York, N.Y. : American Museum of Natural History
"Based on data from skins, skulls, and genitalia, samples of Peromyscus from southern Oaxaca, described by Osgood as angelensis and regarded as a subspecies of P. banderanus, are placed in P. mexicanus rather than in banderanus. Examples of both species have been taken at the same place in southeastern Guerrero. Series of Peromyscus from Guatemala and Honduras originally recorded in the literature as P. mexicanus saxatilis, P. guatemalensis tropicalis, and P. hondurensis are reallocated either to P. m. saxatilis or to P. oaxacensis. Peromyscus hondurensis is a synonym of oaxacensis. These new allocations amplify known geographic distributions of P. m. saxatilis and P. oaxacensis. Information on taxonomy, geographic distribution, and habitat is summarized for P. lepturus, P. lophurus, and P. simulatus. Peromyscus ixtlani, based on samples from the mountains of northern Oaxaca, is considered a subspecies of P. lepturus. Specimens allocated in the recent literature to P. simulatus are examples of P. aztecus; simulatus is still known only from the holotype and a paratype"--P. 21-22.
23 p. : ill., map ; 24 cm.
Includes bibliographical references (p. 22-23).