Three new species of Musseromys (Muridae, Rodentia), the endemic Philippine tree mouse from Luzon Island. (American Museum novitates, no. 3802)

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American Museum of Natural History.
We describe and name three new species of Musseromys from the mountains of northern Luzon based on morphological and DNA sequence data. Previously, Musseromys was known only from one species from the lowlands of central Luzon. These are the smallest-known members of the cloud rat clade of endemic Philippine murids, weighing only 15-22 g, an order of magnitude smaller than the previously smallest known members of the clade (Carpomys spp.), and more than two orders of magnitude smaller than the largest members (Phloeomys spp.). These discoveries raise the number of native murids documented on Luzon to 43, 93% of which are endemic, and 88% of which are members of two endemic Philippine clades. Musseromys is inferred to have originated in montane habitats, probably in the Central Cordillera of northern Luzon, with movement to two other areas on Luzon, one in montane habitat and one in lowland habitat, associated with the speciation process.
27 pages : illustrations, map ; 26 cm.
Musseromys inopinatus., Musseromys beneficus., Musseromys anacuao., Muridae., Mice., Rodents., Mountain animals., Luzon (Philippines), Philippines.