Systematics of Litoria arfakiana of New Guinea and sibling species (Salientia, Hylidae). American Museum novitates ; no. 2558

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New York, N.Y. : American Museum of Natural History
The arfakiana group of the hylid genus Litoria includes three species: Litoria arfakiana (Peters and Doria); Litoria wollastoni (Boulenger), a new combination for a specific name removed from the synonymy of arfakiana; and Litoria oenicolen, new species. The first two species cannot be distinguished morphologically (although there is an average size difference), but they differ from each other and from the new species in their mating calls. The new species is highly similar to the other two in most respects of morphology, but is slightly smaller in average size and has one distinct aspect of pigmentation. Both previously described species evidently are widespread although essentially allopatric in hill and mountain country above the coastal plains of New Guinea, but precise information is scanty because of the need for information on the calls in identifying the species. The new species is known from only one locality, where it is sympatric L. wollastoni. The latter species and L. arfakiana have not been captured at the same locality, but occur within 10 miles of each other. The haploid chromosome number of n = 13 is known for wollastoni"--P. 3.
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