The identity of Winge's Lasiuromys villosus and the description of a new genus of echimyid rodent (Rodentia, Echimyidae). American Museum novitates ; no. 3223

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New York, NY : American Museum of Natural History
"The painted tree rat, a large, strikingly patterned arboreal echimyid rodent variously identified as Isothrix picta or Echimys pictus, differs in many major cranial characters from other living species of Echimyidae. In addition, a fossil collected by Lund at Lagoa Santa, Brazil, and referred by Winge to the genus now known as Isothrix, is clearly closely allied to it. We propose a new generic name, Callistomys, for these rodents and we describe and compare them to members of the three genera into which they have at one time or another been placed: Nelomys, Isothrix, and Echimys. The fossil may represent an undescribed species, but there is insufficient material to be confident in distinguishing it from C. pictus at this time. Callistomys shows some resemblances to Mid-Miocene and earlier fossil Echimyidae, and it may be more closely related to these than to other extant genera"--P. [1].
12 p. : ill. ; 26 cm.
Includes bibliographical references (p. 11-12).