Phylogeny of Eulithis Hübner and related genera (Lepidoptera, Geometridae), with an implication of wing pattern evolution. American Museum novitates ; no. 3318

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New York, NY : American Museum of Natural History
This study investigates a mimicry ring in East Asia, comprising the ennomine genus Abraxas Leach and several larentiine genera, including Eulithis Hübner, Chartographa Gumppenberg, Callabraxas Butler, Calleulype Warren, Gandaritis Moore, and Eucosmabraxas Prout. A cladistic analysis of these latter genera was undertaken using six outgroups and 51 morphological characters. The preferred cladogram, derived after the successive weighting, recognized seven monophyletic groups: Antepirrhoe Warren rev. gen., Evecliptopera Inoue, Gandaritis, Callabraxas, Lobogonodes Bastelberger, Eustroma Hübner and Eulithis, and resulted in three new synonyms: Chartographa, a synonym of Callabraxas, and Eucosmabraxas and Calleulype, synonyms of Gandaritis. Three revived combinations are proposed: Antepirrhoe atrifasciata (Hulst), A. semiatrata (Hulst), and A. fasciata (Barnes and McDunnough). Nine new combinations are also proposed: Gandaritis powellata (Ferguson and Choi), G. pyraliata (Denis and Schiffermüller), G. atricolorata (Grote and Robinson), G. placida (Butler), G. whitelyi (Butler), G. evanescens (Butler), Callabraxas fabiolaria (Oberthür), C. plurilineata (Walker), and C. compositata (Guenée). Wing patterns and a distinctive abdomen have undergone convergent evolution, evolving at least twice within Eulithis and related genera: once in the genus Gandaritis, and again in Callabraxas. A key to the genera is provided as well as diagnoses, species lists, biology, and distributions for each.
37 p. : ill. (1 col.) ; 26 cm.
Includes bibliographical references (p. 36-37).