Resurrection of the Pronotocrepini Knight, with revisions of the Nearctic genera Orectoderus Uhler, Pronotocrepis Knight, and Teleorhinus Uhler, and comments on the Palearctic Ethelastia (Heteroptera, Miridae, Phylinae). (American Museum novitates, no. 3703)

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American Museum of Natural History.
The Nearctic genera Orectoderus Uhler, Pronotocrepis Knight, and Teleorhinus Uhler are revised. One new species from Texas, Teleorhinus crataegi, sp. nov., is described. Teleorhinus oregoni Knight, 1968 is transferred to Orectoderus Uhler. The following new synonyms are proposed (senior synonym first): O. arcuatus Knight = O. schuhi Knight; O. montanus Knight = O. utahensis Knight, O. salicis Knight, and O. cockerelli Knight; O. obliquus Uhler = O. ruckesi Knight; P. clavicornis Knight = P. ribesi Knight and P. ruber Knight; T. cyaneus Uhler = T. brindleyi Knight and T. nigricornis Knight; T. tephrosicola Knight = T. floridanus Blatchley and T. utahensis Knight; O. bakeri Knight = T. oregoni Knight Orectoderus and Teleorhinus are transferred from the Hallodapini Van Duzee to the Pronotocrepini Knight. The Palearctic genus Ethelastia Reuter, 1876, is reviewed and transferred from the Phylini to the Pronotocrepini. A rediagnosis for the tribe Pronotocrepini, a key to the included genera, keys to males and females, illustrations of male and female genitalia, except for the female of Teleorhinus crataegi, new species, dorsal habitus photographs, scanning micrographs of selected structures, and new locality and host-plant records are included for all species.
67 p. : ill. (some col.), maps ; 26 cm. "December 10, 2010."
Pronotocrepini., Orectoderus., Pronotocrepis., Teleorhinus., Miridae., North America.