The milliped family Conotylidae (Diplopoda, Chordeumida) : revision of the genus Taiyutyla, with notes on recently proposed taxa. American Museum novitates ; no. 2600

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New York, N.Y. : American Museum of Natural History
"The milliped family Conotylidae Cook is divided into four subfamilies: Conotylidae Cook, Austrotylinae (new), Lophominae Loomis and Schmitt, and Macromastinae Loomis and Schmitt, the last originally proposed as an independent family. A key to the subfamilies and their included genera is presented. The genus Taiyutyla (Conotylinae) is revised, and nine new species are described: clatsop, benedictae, simplex, trifurca, prefemorata, variata, millicoma, lewisi, and clarki. Conotyla extorris Shear is transferred to Taiyutyla. New observations and illustrations are presented of the gonopods of Macromastus marginandus Loomis and Schmitt; the gonopod appears to have one less articulation than the original authors observed. Troglotyla skamania Causey is transferred to Lophomus (Lophominae). Corypus cochlearis Loomis and Schmitt is transferred from the Conotylinae to the Austrotylinae. Brunsonia complexipes Loomis and Schmitt is synonymized with Conotyla albertana Chamberlin. Three nomina dubia in the Conotylidae (Cookella leibergi (Cook and Collins), Zygotyla phana Chamberlin, and 'Trichopetalum' glomeratum Harger) are discussed. Endopus parvipes Loomis and Schmitt and Orthogmus oculatus Loomis and Schmitt, described in the family Trichopetalidae, were based upon immature conotylids; their status cannot be settled without mature material from the type localities"--P. [1].
22 p. : ill. ; 26 cm.
Includes bibliographical references (p. 21-22).