Immatures of exomalopsine bees with notes on nesting biology and a tribal key to mature larvae of noncorbiculate, nonparasitic Apinae (Hymenoptera, Apidae). (American Museum novitates, no. 3726)

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American Museum of Natural History.
This paper describes the eggs/mature oocytes (including ovarian statistics), mature larvae, and pupae of bees belonging to the Exomalopsini, furthering our understanding of the anatomical and behavioral diversity of included taxa. The mature larva is the life stage best represented with the following treated: Anthophorula (Anthophorula) completa (Cockerell), Anthophorula (Anthophorisca) chionura (Cockerell), Anthophorula (Anthophorisca) consobrina (Timberlake), Anthophorula (Anthophorisca) nitens (Cockerell)*, Anthophorula (Anthophorisca) sidae (Cockerell)*, Anthophorula (Isomalopsis) uncicornis González-Vaquero & Roig-Alsina, Eremapis parvula Ogloblin, Exomalopsis (Exomalopsis) auropilosa Spinola, Exomalopsis (Exomalopsis) bruesi Cockerell*, Exomalopsis (Stilbomalopsis) solani Cockerell*, Exomalopsis (Stilbomalopsis) solidaginis Cockerell, Chilimalopsis parvula Toro*, and Teratognatha modesta Ogloblin*. Pupae of those species bearing an asterisk (*) are also described. Most specimens were collected in association with studies of nesting biologies. Although some biologies were reported in earlier papers, those of the following species are included as the terminal section herein: Anthophorula (Anthophorula) completa (Cockerell), Anthophorula (Isomalopsis) uncicornis González-Vaquero and Roig-Alsina, Eremapis parvula Ogloblin, Chilimalopsis parvula Toro, and Teratognatha modesta Ogloblin. A preliminary key to mature larvae of the nonparasitic apine tribes (exclusive of the corbiculate tribes) is appended.
52 p. : ill. ; 26 cm.
Exomalopsini., Apinae., Larvae.