New Paleogene notohippids and leontiniids (Toxodontia, Notoungulata, Mammalia) from the early Oligocene Tinguiririca Fauna of the Andean Main Range, central Chile. (American Museum novitates, no. 3903)

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American Museum of Natural History.
Here we describe three new notohippid notoungulate species from the early Oligocene-aged Tinguiririca Fauna (Tinguirirican SALMA), recovered from volcaniclastic deposits of the Abanico Formation in the central Chilean Andes, two of which are known from material sufficiently complete to warrant formal naming. These include Eomorphippus bondi, sp. nov., a form of moderate size distinguished by hypsodont incisors and cheekteeth, as well as distinctive proportions of the upper incisors. A closely similar but more diminutive form is described as Eomorphippus neilopdykei, sp. nov. A third previously unrecognized notohippid in the Tinguiririca Fauna, best represented by a large, low-crowned, lower incisor battery, almost certainly represents a new taxon, but remains too fragmentary to warrant naming now. We also propose a new binomial for a previously named notohippid, ?Eomorphippus pascuali, originally described from Gran Barranca in Argentina but which is now also recorded in Chile. This taxon, here named Rosendo pascuali, is markedly less hypsodont than E. bondi and E. neilopdykei and retains lingual cingula on at least p4-m1. As least one leontiniid notoungulate occurs in the Tinguiririca Fauna, Termastherium flacoensis, gen. et sp. nov., best represented by two partial upper cheek toothrows and a tentatively referred maxillary fragment bearing three deciduous teeth. Collectively, description of these new fossils from Termas del Flaco, Chile helps to more fully characterize the Tinguiririca Fauna, facilitating correlation and comparison to other South American land mammal faunas spanning the Eocene-Oligocene transition.
42 pages : illustrations ; 26 cm.
Eomorphippus bondi., Eomorphippus neilopdykei., Rosendo pascuali., Termastherium flacoensis., Toxodontia., Notoungulata., Eocene-Oligocene boundary., Tinguiririca River Region (Chile), Chile.