A revision of the moth genera Nepterotaea and Chesiadodes (Lepidoptera, Geometridae). Bulletin of the AMNH ; v. 152, article 4

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New York : [American Museum of Natural History]
"The geometrid moths heretofore assigned to the genera Nepterotaea McDunnough, Chesiadodes Hulst, and Morina Grossbeck (with its synonym Jenana Clarke) have been studied. The results indicate that only two generic categories are represented: Morina is therefore placed as a junior synonym of Chesiadodes. Both genera were revised. Nepterotaea now includes seven species, three of which are described as new; Chesiadodes contains 13, seven of which are new. These moths are found primarily in the semiarid southwestern United States, from western Texas to southeastern California. A few species occur outside of this area extending the range onto the Ozark Plateau in Missouri and Arkansas, and north in the Great Basin to central Oregon. Both genera are represented in northern Mexico, with records from Chihuahua and the peninsula of Baja California; the distribution is probably greater than this but not enough collecting has been done as yet in that country to give us the needed data. Both genera and all species, including their genitalia, are described; distributional information and time of flight are given for all species insofar as known. Keys are given for all species. The adults and their genitalia are illustrated"--P. 209.
p. 207-252 : ill., maps ; 27 cm.
Includes bibliographical references (p. 252).