Geographical report of the Crocker Land Expedition, 1913-1917. Bulletin of the AMNH ; v. 56, article 6.

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New York : Published by order of the Trustees, American Museum of Natural History
"Period of exploration: 1913-1917. Total length of sledge journeys: 10,000 miles. Total length of coast line explored: 2,000 miles. Astronomical observations: 300. Observations for azimuth: 100. Highest latitude attained: 82° 30'. Longitude west of headquarters: 108° 22'. Longitude east of headquarters: 53°. Geographical areas remapped: 1. Foulke Fiord. 2. Coast from Etah to Humboldt glacier. Number of islands discovered: 9. Geographical corrections made: 1. Crocker Land non-existent at 82° 30' N. 108° 22' W. 2. Coast of North Cornwall mapped with exception of small section on southwestern side. Barometric and thermometric readings obtained throughout four years with exception of ten days in the fall of 1915. Records obtained of Kane, Peary, Fielden, Young, and Nares. Soundings made of Foulke Fiord and Alida Lake. Three months' tidal observations at Etah. Rate of advance of Brother John's Glacier determined. Large number of photographs of various types of glaciers, of ice-foot, of icebergs, and of solifluction obtained"--P. 434-435.
p. 379-435 : maps ; 24 cm.
Sledge trip on North Polar Sea, spring, 1914 -- Astronomical observations: on North Polar Sea, 1914 -- Etah to Polar Sea and return: March averages -- Winter and spring work, 1915-1916 -- Spring work of 1917.