Revision and phylogeny of the fern-inhabiting genus Felisacus Distant (Insecta, Heteroptera, Miridae, Bryocorinae). (Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History, no. 403)

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American Museum of Natural History.
The fern-feeding genus Felisacus (Miridae: Bryocoronae) was revised. The genus contains 55 species, 29 are new to science, they are: Felisacus albus, F. australicus, F. bau, F. bismarckiensis, F. bradi, F. caledonicus, F. ceylonicus, F. cristobalus, F. fedori, F. indicus, F. lamkinae, F. linae, F. lindbergae, F. liui, F. lordhowensis, F. luzonus, F. malayensis, F. meilingae, F. myersi, F. ovalau, F. schuhi, F. senaru, F. solomonicus, F. tanna, F. vitilevu, F. wangae, F. webbi, F. yasunagai, F. zuparkoi. Felisacus capitatus is synonymized with F. magnificus; F. okinawanus is synonimized with F. longiceps F. carpenterae is synonymized with F. javanus. Felisacus jacobsoni, previously synonymized with F. javanus, is treated as a separated species. The status of F. signis, described as a subspecies of F. carpenterae, is raised to a separate species. Genus Felisacoris is synonymized with Felisacus. The diagnosis and key are provided for all species and descriptions are provided for the species, where the specimens were available. The drawings of male genitalia are provided where available, and drawings of female genitalia are given for some species. Phylogenetic analysis with inclusion of most of the species has been performed and discussed.
168 pages : illustrations (some color), color maps ; 26 cm.
Felisacus., Miridae., Ferns., Host plants., Insect-plant relationships., Phylogeny., Indo-Pacific Region.