A revision of the spider genera Herpyllus and Scotophaeus (Araneae, Gnaphosidae) in North America. Bulletin of the AMNH ; v. 159, article 1

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New York : American Museum of Natural History
"The known North American Herpyllus (25 species) and Scotophaeus (one species) are diagnosed, described, and assigned to species groups. The synonymy of the predominantly European genus Scotophaeus with Herpyllus is disclaimed; the Mexican genus Bonna O.P.-Cambridge is newly synonymized with Herpyllus. A single European species of Scotophaeus, S. blackwalli (Thorell), is represented in the New World by three isolated and apparently introduced synanthropic populations. Eight new species of Herpyllus (sherus, frio, iguala, gertschi, perote, malkini, brachet, and giganteus) are described from the southwestern United States and Mexico. Six specific names are newly synonymized: H. cratus Chamberlin with H. ecclesiasticus Hentz; H. piedicus Chamberlin and Woodbury with H. propinquus (Keyserling); H. cepeus Chamberlin with H. cockerelli (Banks); and H. bryophilus Chamberlin, H. itamus Chamberlin, and H. faxoni Bryant, all with H. emertoni Bryant. The female of H. bensonae Fox and the males of H. excelsus Fox, H. reservatus Chamberlin, H. pictus (F.O.P.-Cambridge), H. schwarzi (Banks), H. bubulcus Chamberlin, and H. regnans Chamberlin are described for the first time. Herpyllus atopophysis Chamberlin and H. floridanus (Banks) are transferred to Nodocion; H. irvingi Mello-Leitão and H. josephus (Chamberlin and Gertsch) are transferred to Cesonia"--P. 3.
44 p. : ill., maps ; 26 cm.
Includes bibliographical references (p. 42-44).