Systematics of the Omomyidae (Tarsiiformes, Primates) : taxonomy, phylogeny, and adaptations. Bulletin of the AMNH ; v. 156, article 3

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New York : American Museum of Natural History
"The taxonomy and analyses of the phylogenetic relationships and adaptations of the subfamilies Anaptomorphinae, Omomyinae, and Ekgmowechashalinae of the undoubted tarsiiform family Omomyidae are presented. The exclusively European subfamily Microchoerinae, although best referred to the Omomyidae, is not revised; pertinent information is treated in the study of phylogenetic ties of the family. The Omomyidae, as far as is known, is Holarctic in distribution. The known stratigraphic ranges are: Anaptomorphinae, early to medial Eocene (North America and Europe); Omomyinae, early Eocene to early Oligocene (North America; early Eocene in Asia); Ekgmowechashalinae, late Oligocene (North America); Microchoerinae, medial Eocene to early Oligocene (Europe). Character analysis of the primarily dental, cranial, and postcranial evidence is presented. Several derived character states, particularly the relative size and point of entry of the intrabullar carotid circulation, unequivocally tie the Omomyidae to the Tarsiidae and also to the Platyrrhini and Catarrhini, thus helping to substantiate the monophyletic status of the suborder Haplorhini, as contrasted with the suborder Strepsirhini. The origin of the Omomyidae, the most primitive known family of the Tarsiiformes, was probably from a primitive lemuriform primate that most closely resembled a member of the Eocene Adapidae. The classification presented is a compromise based on morphological diversity and phylogeny, but it is consistent with the inferred phylogeny. Family Omomyidae: Subfamily Anaptomorphinae: Tribe Anaptomorphini; Subtribe Teilhardinina; Teilhardina; Chlororhysis -- Subtribe Anaptomorphina; Anaptomorphus -- Subtribe Tetoniina; Tetonius; Anemorhysis; Absarokius; Mckennamorphus, new genus -- Tribe Trogoleniurini, new; Trogolemur. Subfamily Omomyinae: Tribe Omomyini; Subtribe Omomyina; Omomys; Chumashius -- Subtribe Mytoniina, new rank; Ourayia; Macrotarsius -- Tribe Washakiini, new; Loveina; Shoshonius; Washakius; Dyseolemur; Hemiacodon -- Tribe Uintaniini, new; Uintanius -- Tribe Utahiini, new; Utahia; Stockia -- Tribe Rooneyiini, new; Rooneyia. Subfamily Ekgmowechashalinae, new: Ekgmowechashala. Family and suborder uncertain: Donrussellia, new genus"--P. 163.
p. 159-449 : ill. ; 26 cm.
Includes bibliographical references (p. 441-449).