A revision of the genus Rattus (Rodentia, Muridae) in the New Guinean region. Bulletin of the AMNH ; v. 173, article 3

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[New York] : American Museum of Natural History
"Eleven native and five introduced species of Rattus occur in New Guinea. The native species are represented by 23 subspecies or monotypic species, all of which are endemic, and ally as three major species groups: (1) R. niobe, R. richardsoni, and R. verecundus; (2) R. praetor, R. mordax, R. leucopus, R. steini, R. giluwensis, R. novaeguineae, and R. jobiensis; and (3) R. sordidus. The first species group is largely montane (to 4500 m. altitude) in distribution, the second includes both montane and lowland species, whereas the third, R. sordidus, is restricted to southern lowlands. One new species, R. novaeguineae, and two new subspecies, R. steini baliemensis and R. verecundus vandeuseni, are proposed and described in this revision. Rattus giluwensis, R. jobiensis, and R. steini are elevated to the rank of full species. Among the native species, we recognize two subspecies of Rattus niobe: R. n. niobe (synonyms = Stenomys rufulus and Stenomys niobe stevensi), and R. n. arrogans (synonyms = Rattus niobe haymani (= klossi), Stenomys niobe arfakiensis, and Rattus niobe pococki (= clarae)); Rattus richardsoni as monotypic (synonym = Rattus omichlodes); four subspecies of Rattus verecundus: R. v. verecundus, R. v. mollis (synonym = Rattus verecundus tomba), R. v. unicolor, and R. v. vandeuseni, new subspecies Taylor and Calaby; two subspecies of Rattus praetor: R. p. praetor (synonyms = Rattus praetor mediocris and Rattus purdiensis), and R. p. coenorum (synonyms = Rattus mordax tramitius, Rattus bandiculus, Rattus leucopus utakwa, and Rattus sansapor); two subspecies of Rattus mordax: R. m. mordax and R. m. fergussoniensis; three subspecies of Rattus leucopus: R. l. ringens, R. l. ratticolor, and R. l. dobodurae; four subspecies of Rattus steini: R. s. steini, R. s. foersteri, R. s. hageni (synonym = Rattus rosalinda), and R. s. baliemensis, new subspecies Taylor and Calaby; Rattus giluwensis as monotypic; Rattus novaeguineae, new species Taylor and Calaby as monotypic; Rattus jobiensis as monotypic (synonyms = Rattus owiensis and Rattus biakensis); and two subspecies of Rattus sordidus: R. s. gestri (synonyms = Rattus brachyrhinus and Rattus gestri bunae) and R. s. aramia. The five introduced species are R. exulans, R. nitidus, R. rattus, R. norvegicus, and R. argentiventer, and all are commensals of human beings. Rattus exulans is represented by a single widespread subspecies in New Guinea, R. e. browni, and its establishment here probably antedates that of the others by several thousand years. It is the only introduced species that we assessed in detail taxonomically and regard it as the senior synonym of the following: Mus? echimyoides, Rattus concolor lassacquèrei, Rattus concolor manoquarius, Rattus browni praecelsus, Rattus browni aitape, Rattus browni suffectus, Rattus browni tibicen, Rattus browni gawae, and Rattus rennelli"--P. 179.
p. 178-336 : ill., maps ; 26 cm.
Includes bibliographical references (p. 330-336).