Chapter 119, An act to incorporate the American Museum of Natural History : passed April 6, 1869.

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Transcription of text: The people of the State of New-York, represented in Senate and its Assembly do enact as follows: Section 1, John David Wolfe, Robert Colgate, Benjamin H. Field, Robert . Stuart, Adrian Iselin, Benjamin B. Sherman, William A. Haines, Theodore Roosevelt, Howard Potter, William T. Blodgett, Morris K. Jesup, D. Jackson Steward, J. Pierpont Morgan, Anson G.P. Dodge, Charles A. Dana, Joseph H. Choate and Henry Parish, and such persons as may hereafter become members of the Corporation hereby created ["are hereby created" above line] a body corporate, by the name of The American Museum of Natural History," to be located in the City of New-York, for the purpose of establishing and maintaining in said City a museum and library of natural history; of encouraging and developing the study of natural sciences; of advancing the general knowledge of kindred subjects, and to that end of furnishing popular instruction and recreation. [Section] 2. Said corporation shall have power to make and adopt a constitution and by-laws, and to make rules and regulations for the admission, suspension and expulsion of its members, and their government, the number and election of its officers, and to define their duties, and for the safe keeping of its property, and, from time to time, to alter and modify such constitution, by-laws, rules and regulations. Until an election shall be held, pursuant to such constitution and by-laws, the persons named in the first section of this act shall be and are hereby declared to be the trustees and managers of said corporation and its property. [Section] 3. The said corporation may purchase and hold or lease any real and personal estate necessary and proper for the purpose of its incorporation, provided they shall not hold real estate which shall exceed one hundred thousand dollars in value. [Section] 4. Said corporation shall possess the general powers and be subject to the restrictions and liabilities prescribed the third title of the eighteenth chapter of the first part of the revised statutes. [Section] 5. This act shall take effect immediately.
[4] p., 35 x 21 cm., with envelope (28 cm.) ; mss. (black ink on ruled paper). Affidavit of correct transcription on slip affixed at end of text to p. [4], signed by the deputy Secretary of State.
American Museum of Natural History -- Charters.