New genera and species of Myrtaceae-feeding Phylinae from Australia, and the description of a new species of Restiophylus (Insecta, Heteroptera, Miridae). (Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History, no. 424)

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American Museum of Natural History.
Six new genera of Australian Phylinae are described on the basis of existing collections. The tribe Exaeretini--represented by the two new genera Eucalyptophylus (two new species) and Melaleucaphylus (18 new species)--is recognized for the first time as occurring in Australia. Nine new taxa of Semiini, subtribe Exocarpocorina, are proposed: Four new genera, Calytriphylus, Melaleucacoris, Teddus (each monotypic), and Leptospermia (two new species), and four new species placed in Ancoraphylus Weirauch, 2007 (one species), Xiphoidellus Weirauch and Schuh, 2011 (one species), and Xiphoides Eyles and Schuh, 2003 (two species). Based on specimen data almost all the new taxa are associated with Myrtaceae plant hosts in the tribes Chamelaucieae, Eucalypteae, Leptospermeae, and Melaleuceae. A new species of Restiophylus Leon and Weirauch, 2016, taken in coastal New South Wales and perhaps associated with Leptocarpus tenax (Restionaceae), represents the first record for this genus beyond the southwest coast of Western Australia. Documentation is provided in the form of diagnoses and descriptions of all genera and species, color habitus images of males (and females when available) of all species, distributional maps, color images of male genitalic structures of all species, female genitalic structures in most species, and scanning electron micrographs of representative morphology of some taxa. Host-plant information is provided for most species, along with representative images of hosts and habitats. New distribution records for Xiphoidellus dumosus Weirauch and Schuh, 2011, and scanning micrographs of the pretarsus for Scholtzicoris linnavuorii Schuh, 2016 are provided.
157 pages : illustrations (some color), color maps ; 26 cm.
Phylinae., Host plants., Myrtaceae., Restiophylus orientalis., Miridae., Insect-plant relationships., Australia.