Calmoniid trilobites of the Lower Devonian Scaphiocoelia zone of Bolivia, with remarks on related species. Bulletin of the AMNH ; v. 165, article 2

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New York : American Museum of Natural History
"The calmoniid trilobites of the Scaphiocoelia assemblage zone (Lower Devonian) of Bolivia are described. The Scaphiocoelia Zone is the oldest Devonian unit in Bolivia and is recognized in the base of the Belén Formation, the Icla Formation, and the Gamoneda Formation, in northern, central, and southern Bolivia, respectively. Twenty-one trilobite and one eurypterid taxa are recognized from this zone, 17 of which are species of Calmoniidae. Scaphiocoelia Zone calmoniids herein described as new include one genus (Deltacephalaspis), and five subgenera (Bainella (Belenops), the nominate subgenus of Deltacephalaspis, Deltacephalaspis (Prestalia), Schizostylus (Curuyella), and Kozlowskiaspis (Romanops)). Ten new Scaphiocoelia Zone species are described: D. (Deltacephalaspis) comis, D. (D.) retrospina, D. (D.) magister, D. (Prestalia) tumida, Schizostylus (Curuyella) granulata, ?Acastoides gamonedensis, Phacopina convexa, Kozlowskiaspis (Romanops) borealis, K. (Romanops) australis, and Tarijactinoides tikanensis. Additionally, two new species are characterized but not formally diagnosed, and two others are distinguished but remain unassigned to genera. Three previously described species from the Scaphiocoelia Zone are redescribed: Bainella (Belenops) insolita (Wolfart), Parabouleia calmonensis Eldredge, and Tarijactinoides jarcasensis Suárez Soruco. The vicariant pattern within Bolivia, and the biogeographic affinities of Bolivia with other areas within the Malvino-Kaffric Province are briefly discussed. We also present a general discussion of calmoniid anatomy and taxic diversity. Non-Scaphiocoelia Zone trilobites from Bolivia and elsewhere are also described, discussed or figured as a consequence of our study of the Scaphiocoelia Zone material. We describe the new genus Andinacaste from the Silurian of Bolivia. We describe as new Andinacaste legrandi and Phacopina padilla, the latter from the Icla Formation, above the Scaphiocoelia Zone, at Padilla, Bolivia. We present formal revisions for the following six genera: Bainella, Schizostylus, Phacopina, Kozlowskiaspis, Parabouleia, and Tarijactinoides. We discuss the status of three additional genera: Probolops, Acastoides, and Scotiella. We formally revise Kozlowskiaspis (Kozlowskiaspis) superna and Andinacaste chojnacotensis. Finally, we also discuss or figure an additional 15 calmoniid and acastid species in conjunction with our analysis of the composition of the calmoniid component of the Scaphiocoelia Zone fauna"--P. 185.
p. 183-289 : ill., map ; 26 cm.
Includes bibliographical references (p. 287-289).