World species of biting midges (Diptera, Ceratopogonidae). Bulletin of the AMNH ; no. 233

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[New York] : American Museum of Natural History
"A checklist of all available names of Ceratopogonidae is provided, including author, date of publication, page number of original description, and country or territory of the type locality. All validly named taxa described until December 1995 are included, with many of those named in 1996, and some in 1997 also incorporated. The catalog provides a bibliography of all cited references and is fully indexed. Newly discovered homonymy generated 24 newly proposed species names. Seven new synonyms of species and one new generic synonym are proposed and two species have new status. Twenty-four new combinations are recognized. One species is transferred to the Chironomidae (Chironominae). A number of further nomenclatural changes and problems are discussed. Guides are provided for the location of type material of Ceratopogonidae. The number of species in each genus, both extant and fossil, is provided"--P. 5.
257 p. ; 26 cm.
Includes bibliographical references (p. 138-195) and index.