Vertebrate fossils and their context : contributions in honor of Richard H. Tedford. Bulletin of the AMNH ; no. 279

vii, 659 p. : ill. (2 col.), maps ; 26 cm.
Includes bibliographical references.
Foreword / Michael J. Novacek -- 1. Richard H. Tedford : field man, systematist, professor, and mentor / Michael O. Woodburne, Robert M. Hunt, Jr., Gina C. Gould, Eugene S. Gaffney and Lawrence J. Flynn -- 2. Dispersals of Neogene carnivorans between Asia and North America / Qiu Zhanxiang -- 3. Pinnipedimorph evolutionary biogeography / Thomas A. Deméré, Annalisa Berta and Peter J. Adam -- 4. Intercontinental migration of large mammalian carnivores : earliest occurrence of the Old World beardog Amphicyon (Carnivora, Amphicyonidae) in North America / Robert M. Hunt, Jr. -- 5. Notes on early Oligocene ursids (Carnivora, Mammalia) from Saint Jacques, Nei Mongol, China / Wang Banyue and Qiu Zhanxiang -- 6. New procyonines from the Hemingfordian and Barstovian of the Gulf Coast and Nevada, including the first fossil record of the Potosini / Jon A. Baskin -- 7. Pack hunting in Miocene borophagine dogs : evidence from craniodental morphology and body size / Blaire Van Valkenburgh, Tyson Sacco, and Xiaoming Wang -- 8. New material of Osbornodon from the early Hemingfordian of Nebraska and Florida / Xiaoming Wang -- 9. Carnivora (Mammalia, Felidae, Canidae, and Mustelidae) from the earliest Hemphillian screw bean local fauna, Big Bend National Park, Brewster County, Texas / Margaret Skeels Stevens and James Bowie Stevens -- 10. Chronostratigraphy, biochronology, datum events, land mammal ages, stage of evolution, and appearance event ordination / Everett Lindsay -- 11. New late Uintan to early Hemingfordian land mammal assemblages from the undifferentiated Sespe and Vaqueros formations, Orange County, and from the Sespe and equivalent marine formations in Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, and Ventura counties, southern California / David P. Whistler and E. Bruce Lander -- 12. Mammalian biochronology of Blancan and Irvingtonian (Pliocene and early Pleistocene) faunas from New Mexico / Gary S. Morgan and Spencer G. Lucas -- 13. Mexico's Middle Miocene mammalian assemblages : an overview / Ismael Ferrusquía-Villafranca -- 14. New evidence of Miocene Protoceratidae including a new species from Chiapas, Mexico / S. David Webb, Brian Lee Beatty and George Poinar, Jr. -- 15. New oreodont (Mammalia, Artiodactyla) from the late Oligocene (early Arikareean) of Florida / Bruce J. MacFadden and Gary S. Morgan -- 16. Craniodental analysis of Merychippus insignis and Cormohipparion goorisi (Mammalia, Equidae), Barstovian, North America / Michael O. Woodburne -- 17. Mimomys in North America / Charles A. Repenning -- 18. Dasyurids, perameloids, phalangeroids, and vombatoids from the early Pliocene Hamilton fauna, Victoria, Australia / William D. Turnbull, Ernest L. Lundelius, Jr. and Michael Archer -- 19. A new species of Muramura Pledge (Wynyardiidae: Marsupialia) from the Middle Tertiary of the Callabonna Basin, northeastern South Australia / Neville S. Pledge -- 20. The strange case of the wandering fossil / Thomas H. Rich, Thomas A. Darragh and Patricia Vickers-Rich -- 21. Oligocene/Miocene beds and faunas from Tieersihabahe in the northern Junggar Basin of Xinjiang / Ye Jie, Meng Jin and Wu Wenyu -- 22. Rodents from the Chinese Neogene : biogeographic relationships with Europe and North America / Qiu Zhuding and Li Chuankuei -- 23. Tedford's gerbils from Afghanistan / Lawrence J. Flynn, Alisa J. Winkler, Louis L. Jacobs and Will Downs, III -- 24. Another molar of the Miocene hominid Griphopithecus suessi from the type locality at Sandberg, Slovakia / Peter Holec and Robert J. Emry -- 25. Mimotricentes tedfordi, a new arctocyonid from the late Paleocene of California / Malcolm C. McKenna and Donald L. Lofgren -- 26. Phosphatochelys, a new side-necked turtle (Pelomedusoides: Bothremydidae) from the Paleocene of Morocco / Eugene S. Gaffney and Haiyan Tong.