Redescription of the cranial morphology of Mariliasuchus amarali, and its phylogenetic affinities (Crocodyliformes, Notosuchia) ; American Museum Novitates : no. 3512

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New York, NY : American Museum of Natural History
The cranial morphology of Mariliasuchus amarali, a poorly known notosuchian from the late Cretaceous of southeastern Brazil, is redescribed based on new material. Its phylogenetic affinities within Crocodylomorpha are evaluated through a parsimony analysis involving 46 taxa and 198 characters. Mariliasuchus is nested well inside the clade Notosuchia, as the sister group of Comahuesuchus, a derived notosuchian from the late Cretaceous of Argentina. Both taxa share the following unambiguous synapomorphies: ventral half of the lacrimal tapering posteroventrally, not contacting or only slightly contacting the jugal; presence of a large foramen on the lateral surface of the anterior part of the jugal; presence of procumbent premaxillary and anterior dentary alveoli; and ectopterygoids that do not participate of the palatine bar. The presence of procumbent premaxillary teeth, specialized tooth crown morphology, and fore-aft jaw movements suggests that this group presented complex jaw movements related to specialized feeding habits.
Includes bibliographical references (p. 26-28).
40 p. : ill., map ; 26 cm.