Supplemental Material for American Museum novitates, no. 3856 : Portion of unpublished, undated ms. by Gerald I. Stage (numbered pp. 14–96 and pp. 406–410), on the biology of the bee genus Hesperapis

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Introductory note by Jerome G. Rozen, Jr., author of NOVITATES 3856 ( “More than quarter century ago, Gerry I. Stage sent me a part of a preliminary manuscript treating 11 species of the bee genus Hesperapis that he had drafted and intended to publish under his name and that of Roy Snelling as part of a major work entitled “A revision of Nearctic Melittidae: the subfamily Dasypodinae (Hymenoptera: Apoidea).” The part sent, pages 14–96, pertains to various aspect of the nests, nesting biology, and immature stages of these species about which little had been known. In addition, he included pages 406–410, which are tables providing additional data about the biology of the species. This work was never published, and both Stage and Snelling have died. Because most the information is rich, detailed, and valuable but still unknown, it is offered below. “WARNING: Users of this information should be aware that the following species names are invalid: “hermosa,” “kayella,” and “peninsularis.” Descriptions of the taxa were never published.”
Hesperapis rhodocerata., Hesperapis larreae., Hesperapis., Bees., Nests., Larvae., Behavior., New Mexico.