A review of the North Asian ground spiders of the genus Gnaphosa (Araneae, Gnaphosidae). Bulletin of the AMNH ; no. 212

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[New York] : American Museum of Natural History
"The 65 species of the Holarctic ground spider genus Gnaphosa known or expected to occur in the USSR, Mongolia, China, Afghanistan, Nepal, Korea, Japan, and Vietnam are reviewed. Pterotricha jucunda (Thorell) is transferred to Gnaphosa; G. rufa Denis is transferred to Sosticus and placed as a junior synonym of S. loricatus (L. Koch); G. lindbergi Roewer is transferred to Fedotovia and placed as a junior synonym of F. uzbekistanica Charitonov. Thirty-seven specific names are newly synonymized within Gnaphosa: barroisi Simon, adriatica Kulczynski, and spadicea Simon, all with dolosa Herman; rudolfi Schenkel with stoliczkai O.P.-Cambridge; ajdahania Roewer with haarlovi Denis; soror Herman with lugubris (C.L. Koch); suspecta Herman with moesta Thorell; silvicola Kamura with potanini Simon; alberti Schenkel, falculata Schenkel, and roeweri Schenkel, all with kansuensis Schenkel; adspersa Grube, annamita Simon, suchuana Chamberlin, and davidi Schenkel, all with kompirensis Bösenberg and Strand; similis Kulczynski and lesserti Schenkel with muscorum (L. Koch); glandifera Schenkel, holmi Schenkel, charitonowi Schenkel, braendegaardi Schenkel, and berlandi Schenkel, all with mandschurica Schenkel; spinosa Kulczynski, auriceps Schenkel, chaffanjoni Schenkel, and corifera Schenkel, all with mongolica Simon; proxima Kulczynski, pseudomongolica Schenkel, and tarimuensis Hu, all with gracilior Kulczynski; denisi Schenkel and taegensis Paik, both with licenti Schenkel; laeta Kulczynski with alpica Simon, koreae Strand, bonneti Schenkel, martae Schenkel, and schensiensis Schenkel, all with sinensis Simon; and nigra Kulczynski with nigerrima L. Koch. Twenty-two new species are described: betpaki, saurica, zyuzini and eskovi (Kazakhstan); kuldzha (Kirghizia, Turkmenia); ukrainica (Ukraine); turkmenica (Turkmenia); pseashcho, caucasica, pseudoleporina, and primorica (Russia); kamurai (Japan); steppica (Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Turkey); belyaevi (Mongolia); kurchak, zonsteini, and ovchinnikovi (Kirghizia); zhaoi (China); tarabaevi, ilika, and reikhardi (Kazakhstan, Kirghizia); and dege (Kirghizia, China). Males are newly described for cumensis Ponomarev, fagei Schenkel, pilosa Saveljeva, gracilior, modestior Kulczynski (males previously identified as this species are assigned to alpica), and aborigena Tyschchenko (males previously identified as this species are assigned to dolosa); females are newly described for rufula (L. Koch; females previously identified as this species are assigned to steppica) and wiehlei Schenkel"--P. 3.
88 p. : ill., maps ; 26 cm.
Includes bibliographical references (p. 84-87) and index.