An annotated list of the birds of Cerro Urutaní on the border of Estado Bolívar, Venezuela, and Territorio Roraima, Brazil. American Museum novitates ; no. 2732

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New York, N.Y. : American Museum of Natural History
"The avifauna of the subtropicakl forests on the summit of Cerro Urutaní, a previously uncollected isolated tableland or 'tepui' of 1280 m. elevation on the Venezuelan-Brazilian border, is reported. A total of 82 species was collected in March and April 1977 during a fieldtrip sponsored by the Colección Ornitológica Phelps of Caracas, Venezuela, and joined by the American Museum of Natural History. Cerro Urutaní is near the middle of the east-west trending Sierra Pacaraima. This collection permitted the first analysis of the role of the Sierra Pacaraima as an avenue of dispersal between the tepuis of the Gran Sabana on the east and the more isolated tepuis of Territorio Amazonas on the western side of the region. Geographic variation is analyzed for several Pantepui species (as defined by Mayr and Phelps, 1967) with several populations needing further study noted. Forty-four (51%) of the 82 species collected represent Pantepui species, although Cerro Urutaní is a relatively low tepui"--P. [1].
20 p. : 2 maps ; 26 cm.
Includes bibliographical references (p. 20).