Contributions to mammalogy in honor of Karl F. Koopman. Bulletin of the AMNH ; no. 206

432 p. : ill., maps ; 26 cm.
Includes bibliographical references.
Karl F. Koopman: a biography and bibliography / David Klingener and Thomas A. Griffiths -- The identity of Phyllostoma planirostre Spix, 1823 (Chiroptera: Sternodermatinae) / Charles O. Handley, Jr. -- The systematic status of Dermanura concolor (Peters, 1865) (Chiroptera: Phyllostomidae), with description of a new genus / Robert D. Owen -- Systematic variation in the megachiropteran tube-nosed bats Nyctimene cyclotis and N. certans / R.L. Peterson -- Examination of monophyly of bats: restriction map of the ribosomal DNA cistron / Robert J. Baker, Rodney L. Honeycutt, and Ronald A. Van Den Bussche -- Morphometrics of the family Emballonuridae / Patricia W. Freeman and Cliff A. Lemen -- Systematics of emballonuroid bats (Chiroptera: Emballonuridae and Rhinopomatidae), based on hyoid morphology / Thomas A. Griffiths and Andrea L. Smith -- Aspects of the morphology of the cochlea in microchiropteran bats: an investigation of character transformation / Michael J. Novacek -- Phylogenetic relationships of the New World bat genus Sturnira (Chiroptera: Phyllostomidae) / Victor Pacheco and Bruce D. Patterson -- Comparative morphology of the glans penis in Molossus, Promops, and Eumops (Chiroptera: Molossidae) / James M. Ryan -- A brief history of Bolivian chiroptology and new records of bats / Sydney Anderson -- An analysis of patterns of distribution and species richness among Philippine fruit bats (Pteropodidae) / Lawrence R. Heaney -- Bats (Mammalia: Chiroptera) from the Togian Islands, Sulawesi, Indonesia / J.E. Hill -- Neotropical Chiroptera from the Pliocene and Pleistocene of Florida / Gary S. Morgan -- Mammals of the Tres Marías Islands / Don E. Wilson -- Tent construction and use by Uroderma bilobatum in coconut palms (Cocos nucifera) in Costa Rica / Robert M. Timm and Susan E. Lewis -- A fossil Myospalax cranium (Rodentia: Muridae) from Shanxi, China, with observations on zokor relationships / Marie A. Lawrence -- Postcranial remains of Xenothrix mcgregori (Primates, Xenotrichidae) and other late Quaternary mammals from Long Mile Cave, Jamaica / R.D.E. MacPhee and John G. Fleagle -- Sulawesi rodents (Muridae: Murinae): morphological and geographical boundaries of species in the Rattus hoffmanni group and a new species from Pulau Peleng / Guy G. Musser and Mary Ellen Holden -- Pseudoryzomys simplex (Rodentia: Muridae) and the significance of Lund's collections from the caves of Lagoa Santa, Brazil / Robert S. Voss and Philip Myers.