Online Materials for Metal-rich Chondrules in Renazzo-group Carbonaceous Chondrites as Associated with the PhD Dissertation of Ellen J. Crapster-Pregont (Constraining the Chemical Environment and Processes in the Protoplanetary Disk: Perspective from Populations of Calcium-and Aluminum-rich Inclusions in Ornans-group and Metal-rich Chondrules in Renazzo-group Carbonaceous Chondrites)

All of the files herein are supporting data and information from the dissertation completed by Ellen Crapster-Pregont as part of the requirement for a PhD in geochemistry from Columbia University. This dissertation research was advised by Dr. Denton Ebel and the defense committee consisted of Drs. Terry Plank, Dave Walker, Jon Friedrich, and Ben Bostick. These files are associated with the portion of the dissertation that addresses metal nodules in Renazzo-group carbonaceous chondrites, specifically Acfer 139 (chapter 4 and appendix E in the dissertation). The following files represent digital copies of the data used to create the plots, figures, and interpretations found within the dissertation. Data range from electron probe microanalyzer element x-ray intensity maps to electron backscatter diffraction data to 3D visualization generated using computed tomography (CT). Detailed descriptions of the contents of each file can be found in “file_descriptions”. See 'show full item record' for the citation and DOI of a full copy of this dissertation.