The relation of courtship to the secondary sexual characters of the two-lined salamander, Eurycea bislineata (Green). American Museum novitates ; no. 362

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New York City : American Museum of Natural History
"Courtship in Eurycea bislineata bislineata consists of two phases: during the first period the male noses the female and frequently presses his temporal region against her snout; during the second, the female presses her chin against his tail base while the pair walk about, the male wagging his tail base in a characteristic manner, and the female turning her head in the opposite direction at each bend. 2. The spermatophore of E. b. bislineata is stalked and resembles that of Desmognathus fuscus. 3. Hedonic glands are widely distributed over the sides of the head and body and over the dorsal surface of the tail and limbs of the male E. b. bislineata. Similar glands are found in the integument of all male plethodontids but absent from all females except Aneides where some may have a modified structure. 4. The hedonic glands apparently serve as a source of stimulation and attraction to the female. 5. The adult male E. b. bislineata has elongate monocuspid teeth in both jaws during fall, winter and spring; the female, shorter bicuspid ones. 6. The elongate maxillary and mandibular teeth apparently have no function in the courtship"--P. 5.
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