Tertiary fossil species of the Rhinotermitidae (Isoptera), phylogeny of genera, and reciprocal phylogeny of associated Flagellata (Protozoa) and the Staphylinidae (Coleoptera). Bulletin of the AMNH ; v. 146, article 3

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New York : [American Museum of Natural History]
"The taxonomy, phylogeny, distribution, ecology, and time and place of origin of all subfamilies, and living and fossil genera of the Rhinotermitidae are discussed and diagrammed. Evolutionary processes and their underlying principles manifest in social populations and interspecies ecosystems are analyzed. Reciprocal phylogeny of termitophilous beetles (Staphylinidae) and intestinal protozoa (Zooflagellata) provide circumstantial evidence for Paleozoic and Mesozoic origins of host-symbiote relations. Fifty-one characters of the ancestral genus of the Rhinotermitidae are postulated, and 64 unidirectional evolutionary trends are listed. Mesozoic faunal exchanges preceding and following continental drift are discussed. The following Tertiary imago species and systematic groups are described, figured, mapped, and compared with their living relatives: the Coptotermitinae, Heterotermitinae, Stylotermitinae; Coptotermes, Heterotermes, Reticulitermes, Stylotermes, Parastylotermes; Coptotermes priscus, new species, Oligocene-Miocene amber, Dominican Republic; C. sucineus, new species Oligocene-Miocene amber, Chiapas, Mexico; Heterotermes primaevus Snyder, Oligocene-Miocene amber, Chiapas, Mexico; Reticulitermes antiquus (Germar), Oligocene Baltic amber; R. minimus Snyder, Oligocene Baltic amber; R. fossarum (Scudder), Oligocene shale, Florissant, Colorado; R. holmgreni (Statz), new combination, Oligocene shale, Rott, Germany; R. creedei Snyder, Oligocene shale, Creede, Colorado; R. laurae Pierce, Miocene nodules, Calico Mountains, California; R. hartungi (Heer), Miocene shale, Switzerland; R. dofleini (Armbruster), new combination, Miocene shale, Randeck, Germany; Parastylotermes robustus (Rosen), Oligocene Baltic amber; P. frazieri Snyder, Miocene nodule, California; P. calico Pierce, Miocene nodule, California; P. washingtonensis (Snyder), Miocene shale, Washington. The following names are placed in synonymy: Operculitermes Yu and Ping = Stylotermes Holmgren and Holmgren; Sarvaritermes Chatterjee and Thakur = Stylotermes Holmgren and Holmgren; Mastotermites stuttgartensis Armbruster = Miotermes randeckensis Rosen; Calotermes (Neotermites) roseni Armbruster and Calotermes (Neotermites) frischi Armbruster = Proelectrotermes roseni (Armbruster) new combination; (Leucotermes) dofleini Armbruster = Reticulitermes dofleini (Armbruster); 'Termes' holmgreni Statz = Reticulitermes holmgreni (Statz); 'Termes' aethiops Statz = Reticulitermes holmgreni (Statz); 'Termes' blandus Statz = Reticulitermes holmgreni (Statz); 'Termes' concinnus Statz = Reticulitermes holmgreni (Statz); 'Termes' contractulus Statz = Reticulitermes holmgreni (Statz); 'Termes' adustus Statz = Reticulitermes holmgreni (Statz); 'Termes' atomus Statz = Reticulitermes holmgreni (Statz); Reticulitermes tibialis dubitans Pierce = R. laurae Pierce. The systematic position is unknown for the following names: Calotermes (Glyptotermites) assmuthi Armbruster; Rhinotermites Armbruster with included species R. dzierzoni Armbruster, R. kühni Armbruster, R. wasmanni Armbruster; Metatermites statzi Armbruster; Eutermes nickeli Armbruster, E. sachtlebini Armbruster; Termes drabatyi Armbruster, T. hauffi Armbruster, T. korschefskyi Armbruster, T. schleipi Armbruster, T. sitzi Armbruster, and T. weismanni Armbruster"--P. 298.
p. 245-303 : ill., maps ; 27 cm.
Includes bibliographical references (p. 298-303).