A revision of the North American flies belonging to the genus Apiocera (Diptera, Apioceridae). Bulletin of the AMNH ; v. 171, article 4

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New York : American Museum of Natural History
"The present revision covers all the known species of flies belonging to the genus Apiocera from Canada, United States, and Mexico. The internal structures of the male terminalia are used for the first time in this genus and a standardized nomenclature is proposed for the various structures. Keys for the identification of males and females are presented as are formal descriptions of 35 new species, six new subspecies, and 23 previously described species for a total of 64 taxa. Included are 13 distributional maps of all the known species, two figures of in situ male and female specimens, eight figures showing habitats and drinking sites, one figure showing a completely opened and labeled male terminalia, one figure showing labeled structures of the thoracic area, 84 figures of genital and other structures, and 21 figures of abdominal maculation patterns. The following new species are described: Apiocera wilcoxi, foleyi, horticolis, barri, ogradyi, chrysolasia, volucra, biblula, parahydra, mortensoni, fallax, acuticauda, sylvestris, rubrifasciata, draperae, hamata, minckleyi, franckei, bigelowi, femoralis, rockefelleri, fisheri, chiltonae, powelli, arnaudi, caboae, auripilosa, calida, arena, macswaini, spectabilis, voragocolis, canuta, pruinosa, davidsonorum. The following new subspecies are described: Apiocera ammophila ammophila, ammophila hurdi, linsleyi linsleyi, linsleyi obliqua, haruspex oncorhachis, haruspex atrifasciata"--P. 289.
p. 287-467 : ill., maps ; 26 cm.
Includes bibliographical references (p. 463-464) and indexes.