Supplementary material: Chondrules reveal large-scale outward transport of inner Solar System materials in the protoplanetary disk

Methods and Petrographic Descriptions of Selected Chondrules. Petrographic data on each of ten Allende and nine Karoonda chondrules includes tomographic imaging (CT) of each chondrule in its entirety; electron microprobe (EMP) x-ray intensity maps of polished sections of chondrule fragments, in major and minor elements for 18 chondrules; and quantitative EMP analyses of olivine, pyroxene, mesostasis, and other phases in each section. Quantitative analyses of many silicate phases have been performed and that data is presented in this supplement. Petrographic calculations using x-ray map data include modal analyses of the silicate portions of five chondrules (cf. Ebel et al., 2008). Measurement of the opaque/silicate volumetric ratio from 3D CT data would be feasible, as would measurement of chondrule diameters and volumes (cf. Ebel and Rivers, 2007). Estimation of the bulk elemental composition of each chondrule would be possible from these data, perhaps as an exercise for the ambitious student. The degree of alteration of each chondrule may be estimated by inspection of BSE images, in which bright (high Z) areas toward rims show post-formation diffusion of Fe into the chondrule. The related paper can be accessed at