Testudo cubensis and the evolution of western hemisphere tortoises. Bulletin of the AMNH ; v. 95, article 1

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New York : [American Museum of Natural History]
"One. †Testudo cubensis Leidy is redefined and redescribed. 2. A grouping and phylogeny of the New World testudines are attempted. 3. The species claticunea Cope, †praeextans Lambe, †obrevisterna Loomis, †vaga Hay, †iemiliae Hay, †pansa Hay, †rinusitata Hay, †edae Hay, †shollandi Hay, †undabuna Loomis, †amohavense Merriam, †copei Koerner, †turgida Cope, †riggsi Hibbard, †Mcampester Hay, †hexagonata Cope, †eocalana Hay, †incisa Hay, and †lhayi Sellards, formerly placed in the genus Testudo, are here allocated to Gopherus. The species †canyonensis Johnston, placed by its author in the monotypic genus †Bysmachelys, is also referred to Gopherus. †Hadrianus ?scucherti Hay is placed in the genus †Cymatholcus Clark. 4. Testudo cubensis is regarded as an early offshoot of a Central American stock that gave rise to the three living Neotropical tortoises. 5. Subgeneric separation is suggested for the Neotropical tortoises (including lcubensis) under the name Chelonoidis Fitzinger, 1835, and for the very distinct group of Nearctic tortoises typified by †T. osborniana under the name †Hesperotestudo, new subgenus. 6. The name †Bystra Hay, 1916, preoccupied by a genus of Hymenoptera, is replaced by †Floridemys, new name"--P. 32.
36 p., 8 p. of plates : ill., map ; 27 cm.
Includes bibliographical references (p. 34-36).