Cryptic diversity of South African trapdoor spiders : three new species of Stasimopus Simon, 1892 (Mygalomorphae, Ctenizidae), and redescription of Stasimopus robertsi Hewitt, 1910. (American Museum novitates, no. 3732)

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American Museum of Natural History.
Three new species of Stasimopus Simon, 1892, are described from the Gauteng and North West provinces of South Africa. They are readily distinguished from all other known Stasimopus species by the presence of spinules in the tarsal scopulae on the first two pairs of legs of adult males. The only described species recorded in the vicinity, Stasimopus robertsi Hewitt, 1910, which appears to be endemic to northern Gauteng Province, is redescribed. The four species are comprehensively illustrated, a key to identify the adult males from those of other new species in the region is provided, and their conservation status discussed. Available evidence suggests that many Stasimopus species remain to be discovered and described, but significant effort will be required to obtain adult males, considered important for accurate species delimitation in the genus.
42 p. : ill. (some col.), map ; 26 cm.
Stasimopus., Trap-door spiders., Spiders., Gauteng (South Africa), North-West (South Africa), South Africa.