The goblin spider genus Scaphiella (Araneae, Oonopidae). (Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History, no. 332)

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American Museum of Natural History.
The goblin spider genus Scaphiella Simon is characterized by several unique characters, including peculiarly shaped macrosetae found medially on the chelicerae and basally on the palpal tarsi of both sexes. The genus is restricted to the New World tropics, except for one species collected in far southern Florida; as revised here, the group comprises 61 species, all of which have small distribution ranges and 49 of which are newly described: S. longkey from Florida; S. campeche, S. tuxtla, S. palenque, S. cocona, and S. palmillas from southern Mexico; S. cayo from Belize; S. mico from Guatemala; S. ceiba, S. lancetilla, and S. muralla from Honduras; S. bopal from Nicaragua; S. vito, S. hitoy, S. virgen, and S. osa from Costa Rica; S. antonio, S. altamira, and S. hone from Costa Rica and Panama; S. bocas and S. almirante from Panama; S. bonda, S. meta, and S. vicencio from Colombia; S. pich, S. napo, S. tena, S. incha, and S. chone from Ecuador; S. pago from Peru; S. manaus, S. irmaos, S. capim, S. penna, and S. murici from Brazil; S. kartabo from Guyana; S. miranda, S. guatopo, S. tigre, S. gracia, S. cata, S. valencia, S. icabaru, and S. ayacucho from Venezuela; S. guiria from Venezuela and Trinidad; S. arima from Trinidad; S. etang from Guadeloupe; S. saba from Saba; and S. buck from St. Croix.
156 p. : ill., maps ; 26 cm. "Issued March 15, 2010." Includes bibliographical references (p. 155-156) and index.
Scaphiella., Spiders., Latin America., West Indies.