Revision of Phoenicocoris Reuter with descriptions of three new species from North America and a new genus from Japan (Heteroptera, Miridae, Phylinae). American Museum novitates ; no. 3464

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New York, NY : American Museum of Natural History
The genus Phoenicocoris Reuter is revised for North America. Three new species are described: P. nevadensis from California, Nevada, and Oregon, P. pallidicornis from the Prairie Provinces of Canada, Ontario and New Brunswick, and P. ponderosae from Arizona and Colorado. The following new synonyms are proposed (senior synonym first): Lepidopsallus minusculus Knight, 1923 = Atractotomus crataegi Knight, 1931; Lepidopsallus rostratus Knight, 1923 = Lepidopsallus olseni Knight, 1923 and Lepidopsallus hesperus Knight, 1968. The new genus Kasumiphylus is erected to accommodate the type species Psallus kyushuensis Linnavuori, 1961 and Phoenicocoris ryukyuensis Yasunaga, 1999. The new combination, Salicarus qiliananus (Zheng), 1996 (Phoenicocoris), is proposed. Illustrations of the male genitalic structures, photographs of the dorsal habitus, and new distributional records of all species are provided. Scanning electron micrographs are presented for the dorsal vestiture, hind femora, pretarsus, and lateral habitus of representative species.
55 p. : ill. (some col.) ; 26 cm.
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