New evanioid wasps from the Cenomanian of Myanmar (Hymenoptera, Othniodellithidae, Aulacidae), with a summary of family-group names among Evanioidea. (American Museum novitates, no. 3871)

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American Museum of Natural History.
Three new evanioid wasps (Euhymenoptera: Evanioidea) are described and figured from individuals preserved in mid-Cretaceous (earliest Cenomanian) amber from northern Myanmar. The new species represent the families Othniodellithidae and Aulacidae, both previously recorded from Burmese amber. Xenodellitha preta, new genus and species, is the second othniodellithid wasp and the diagnosis of the family is slightly emended in order to accommodate this species. The subfamily Hyptiogastritinae (Aulacidae) is expanded to include Protofoenus Cockerell and a third genus from Burmese amber. Archeofoenus tartaricus, new genus and species, is the third known species of the extinct aulacid subfamily Hyptiogastritinae, differing from Hyptiogastrites electrinus Cockerell in the low position of the discal cell and the open subdiscal cell in the forewing, and from Protofoenus swinhoei Cockerell in the form of the head and mandible, coloration, and forewing venational details. Together, Archeofoenus and Protofoenus are placed in Archeofoenini, new tribe. The last species is similar to the genus Electrofoenus Cockerell, and together they are classified in Electrofoenini among the Aulacidae. Electrofoenops diminuta, new genus and species, is distinguished from Electrofoenus on the basis of wing venation. The significance of these taxa is briefly discussed and a summary of available family-group names among Evanioidea is appended.
28 pages : illustrations (some color) ; 26 cm.
Xenodellitha preta., Archeofoenus tartaricus., Electrofoenops diminuta., Evanioidea., Wasps, Fossil., Amber fossils., Burma, Upper., Burma.