Termites (Isoptera) of Thailand. Bulletin of the AMNH ; v. 131, article 1

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New York : [American Museum of Natural History]
"The present study deals with the termite fauna of Thailand, the survey of which was undertaken by the author during March and April, 1962. 2. Seventy-four species, representing 29 genera, are described. Of these, the following 32 species are new to science: Postelectrotermes tongyaii, Glyptotermes kachongensis, Cryptotermes thailandis, Coptotermes premrasmii, Prorhinotermes tibiaoensiformis, Schedorhinotermes rectangularis, Macrotermes chaiglomi, Macrotermes maesodensis, Odontotermes maesodensis, Odontotermes proformosanus, Odontotermes paraoblongatus, Odontotermes takensis, Hypotermes makhamensis, Speculitermes macrodentatus, Microcerotermes minutus, Microcerotermes paracelebensis, Amitermes longignathus, Havilanditermes proatripennis, Nasutitermes tungsalangensis, Nasutitermes dimorphus, Nasutitermes perparvus, Bulbitermes makhamensis, Bulbitermes parapusillus, Bulbitermes laticephalus, Termes huayangensis, Mirocapritermes latignathus, Mirocapritermes concaveus, Mirocapritermes prewensis, Dicuspiditermes makhamensis, Procapritermes prosetiger, Procapritermes longignathus, and Pseudocapritermes parasilvaticus. 3. The imago of Bulbitermes prabhae, hitherto an unknown caste, is described. 4. Amitermes minor Holmgren has been made a synonym of Amitermes dentatus (Haviland). 5. Eurytermes isodentatus and Nasutitermes deltocephalus, recently described by Tsai and Chen (1963) have been transferred to the genera Indotermes and Bulbitermes, respectively"--P. 109.
113 p. : ill., map ; 27 cm.
Includes bibliographical references (p. 111-113).