Revision and phylogenetic analysis of the North American genus Slaterocoris Wagner with new synonymy, the description of five new species and a new genus from Mexico, and a review of the genus Scalponotatus Kelton (Heteroptera, Miridae, Orthotylinae). (Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History, no. 354)

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American Museum of Natural History.
The North American genus Slaterocoris Wagner is revised and now contains 32 species. The new genus Josephinus is erected to accommodate three Mexican species, the type species, Slaterocoris reinhardi Carvalho and Schaffner, 1973, along with Scalponotatus albicornis Kelton, 1970, and Scalponotatus capitatus Kelton, 1970. Slaterocoris argenteoides, S. clavatus, S. elongatus, S. maculatus, and S. tanydexios from southern Mexico are described as new. The new combinations Slaterocoris punctatus (Distant, 1893) [Jornandes] and Slaterocoris subalbicans (Distant, 1893) [Jornandes] are proposed resulting in two subjective junior synonyms of Slaterocoris for the monotypic genera, Guerrerocoris Carvalho and China, 1959 and Amulacoris Carvalho and China, 1959, respectively. A review of the genus Scalponotatus Kelton, 1969, provides a new diagnosis and description of the genus and the type species, S. maturus Kelton, 1969, and a checklist of the nine species included in the newly conceived genus. Based on examination of the holotypes, the new combinations, Scalponotatus dissimulans (Distant, 1893) [Jornandes] and Jornandes sinaloensis (Carvalho and Costa, 1992) [Scalponotatus] are proposed. The following 23 new specific subjective synonymies are proposed (senior synonym first): Slaterocoris alpinus Kelton, 1968 = Slaterocoris schaffneri Knight, 1970; Slaterocoris ambrosiae (Knight, 1938) [Strongylocoris] = Slaterocoris arizonensis Knight, 1970, Slaterocoris bispinosus Knight, 1970, Slaterocoris ovatus Knight, 1970, and Slaterocoris severini Knight, 1970; Slaterocoris apache Kelton, 1968 = Slaterocoris bifidus Knight, 1970 and Slaterocoris burkei Knight, 1970; Slaterocoris breviatus (Knight, 1938) [Strongylocoris] = Slaterocoris minimus Knight, 1970 and Slaterocoris rarus Knight, 1970; Slaterocoris flavipes Kelton, 1968 = Slaterocoris sculleni Knight, 1970; Slaterocoris longipennis Knight, 1968 = Slaterocoris knowltoni Knight, 1970 and Slaterocoris utahensis Knight, 1968; Slaterocoris mohri (Knight, 1941) [Strongylocoris] = Slaterocoris fuscicornis Knight, 1970; Slaterocoris punctatus (Distant, 1893) = Slaterocoris grandis Kelton, 1970; Slaterocoris robustus (Uhler, 1895) [Stiphrosoma] = Slaterocoris nevadensis Knight, 1970; Slaterocoris rubrofemoratus Knight, 1968 = Slaterocoris nicholi Knight, 1970; Slaterocoris sheridani Knight, 1968 = Slaterocoris basicornis Knight, 1970, Slaterocoris custeri Knight, 1970, Slaterocoris dakotae Knight, 1970, Slaterocoris texanus Knight, 1970, and Slaterocoris woodgatei Knight, 1970; Slaterocoris stygicus (Say, 1832) [Capsus] = Slaterocoris getzendaneri Knight, 1970. The ambiguous lectotype designations (Kelton, 1968) for Stiphrosoma atrata Uhler, 1894, Stiphrosoma croceipes Uhler, 1893, and Stiphrosoma robusta Uhler, 1895, are stabilized. A neotype is designated for the lost primary type of Capsus stygicus Say, 1832. Revised diagnoses, redescriptions, color digital habitus photographs, line drawings of the legs for each species, and scanning micrographs of dorsal vestiture and sculpturation for most species are provided. Line drawings of the male genitalia of most species and the female genitalia of representative species-group taxa are included. Scanning micrographs are used to document diagnostic features of the genera. Maps and label records are provided to portray the distributions of all species. Where known, host-plant records are presented. Keys to Josephinus and Slaterocoris and their included species are offered to facilitate identification. A phylogenetic analysis is conducted for 32 ingroup and seven outgroup taxa resulting in the informal assignment of most of the species of Slaterocoris into six species groups.
290 p. : ill. (some col.), maps. "Issued June 24, 2011."
Slaterocoris., Josephinus., Scalponotatus., Miridae., North America.