Pennaraptoran theropod dinosaurs : past progress and new frontiers. (Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History, no. 440)

Introduction / Michael Pittman and Xing Xu -- Section 1. Systematics, fossil record, and biogeography -- Chapter 1. Pennaraptoran systematics / Michael Pittman, Jingmai O’Connor, Daniel J. Field, Alan H. Turner, Waisum Ma, Peter Makovicky, and Xing Xu -- Chapter 2. The fossil record of Mesozoic and Paleocene pennaraptorans / Michael Pittman, Jingmai O’Connor, Edison Tse, Peter Makovicky, Daniel J. Field, Waisum Ma, Alan H. Turner, Mark A. Norell, Rui Pei, and Xing Xu -- Chapter 3. The impact of unstable taxa in coelurosaurian phylogeny and resampling support measures for parsimony analyses / Diego Pol and Pablo A. Goloboff -- Chapter 4. The biogeography of coelurosaurian theropods and its impact on their evolutionary history / Anyang Ding, Michael Pittman, Paul Upchurch, Jingmai O’Connor, Daniel J. Field, and Xing Xu -- Chapter 5. Timing the extant avian radiation : the rise of modern birds, and the importance of modeling molecular rate variation / Daniel J. Field, Jacob S. Berv, Allison Y. Hsiang, Robert Lanfear, Michael J. Landis, and Alex Dornburg -- Section 2. Anatomical frontiers -- Chapter 6. Disparity and macroevolutionary transformation of the maniraptoran manus / Sergio M. Nebreda, Guillermo Navalón, Iris Menéndez, Trond Sigurdsen, Luis M. Chiappe, and Jesús Marugán-Lobón -- Chapter 7. Tooth vs. beak : the evolutionary developmental control of the avian feeding apparatus / Shuo Wang, Josef Stiegler, Ping Wu, and Cheng-ming Chuong -- Chapter 8. Functional morphology of the oviraptorosaurian and scansoriopterygid skull / Waisum Ma, Michael Pittman, Stephan Lautenschlager, Luke E. Meade, and Xing Xu -- Chapter 9. Fossil microbodies are melanosomes : evaluating and rejecting the ‘fossilised decay-associated microbes’ hypothesis / Arindam Roy, Christopher S. Rogers, Thomas Clements, Michael Pittman, Olivier Habimana, Peter Martin, and Jakob Vinther -- Section 3. Early-flight study : methods, status, and frontiers -- Chapter 10. Methods of studying early theropod flight / Michael Pittman, Ashley M. Heers, Francisco J. Serrano, Daniel J. Field, Michael B. Habib, T. Alexander Dececchi, Thomas G. Kaye, and Hans C.E. Larsson -- Chapter 11. High flyer or high fashion? A comparison of flight potential among small-bodied paravians / T. Alexander Dececchi, Hans C.E. Larsson, Michael Pittman, and Michael B. Habib -- Chapter 12. Navigating functional landscapes : a bird’s eye view of the evolution of avialan flight / Hans C.E. Larsson, Michael B. Habib, and T. Alexander Dececchi -- Chapter 13. Laser-stimulated fluorescence refines flight modeling of the Early Cretaceous bird Sapeornis / Francisco J. Serrano, Michael Pittman, Thomas G. Kaye, Xiaoli Wang, Xiaoting Zheng, and Luis M. Chiappe -- Chapter 14. Pectoral girdle morphology in early-diverging paravians and living ratites : implications for the origin of flight / Fernando E. Novas, Federico L. Agnolín, Federico Brisson Egli, and Gastón E. Lo Coco.
353 pages : illustrations (some color) ; 26 cm.
Dinosaurs., Birds, Fossil., Dinosaurs--Phylogeny., Birds, Fossil--Phylogeny., Birds--Evolution., Birds--Flight.