Classified catalogue of Chinese books in the Library of the American Museum of Natural History, New York City : arranged in order of Imperial catalogue, Si ku quan shu zong mu (ssu k'u ch'üan shu tsung mu)

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The Laufer collection at the American Museum of Natural History, New York, consists of about 550 works, nearly all of them in Chinese. As they were brought back from a 1902-1904 field trip to Siberia, Central Asia, and China, they are all published before 1904. Many of the works are unavailable elsewhere in the United States. The strengths of the collection are: the Northwestern and Western regions including Xinjiang and Mongolia (local chronicles; publications by and on Chinese Muslims; Qing government publications on Chinese Muslims; maps of the region); Qing archaeological scholarship (ancient coins, stone inscriptions); and illustrated works (ritual performances, mirror for the emperor, geographical treatises, sacred edict, novels, minorities). The Museum also holds a sizeable amount of photographs brought back by Laufer. A first batch has been made accessible on-line, see <>. The catalogue reproduced here was compiled in 1918. It is organized according to the Siku quanshu zongmu scheme. While not really suitable for these types of books, the advantage is that works with a similar focus will appear in the catalogue in close proximity. The transcription used is Wade-Giles. This catalogue is published in this format to facilitate access while the Museum prepares a full on-line catalogue. The books can be accessed on site.
93 leaves ; 48 cm.
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