Phylogeny and generic reclassification of the Capritermes complex (Isoptera, Termitidae, Termitinae). Bulletin of the AMNH ; v. 138, article 5

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New York : [American Museum of Natural History]
"The termite genera with asymmetrical snapping mandibles in the soldier (Paracapritermes Hill, Protocapritermes Holmgren, Quasitermes Emerson, Capritermes Wasmann, Homallotermes John, Dicuspiditermes Krishna, Pericapritermes Silvestri, Procapritermes Holmgren, Labiocapritermes, new genus, Mirocapritermes Holmgren, Cornicapritermes Emerson, Dihoplotermes Araujo, Neocapritermes Holmgren, and Planicapritermes Emerson) are described and illustrated, and their phylogenetic relationships are discussed. A key to these genera is given. The genus Capritermes is treated in an entirely new sense. In it is now included only the single species C. capricornis (Wasmann) from Madagascar. The other species previously placed in Capritermes are now included in other genera. The genera Pseudocapritermes Kemner and Microcapritermes Mathur and Thapa are now considered synonyms of Procapritermes and Homallotermes, respectively. A new genus, Labiocapritermes, from India is described and illustrated, with its type species designated as L. distortus Silvestri, a species previously placed in Capritermes. The genus Pericapritermes, previously reported from the Ethiopian region only, now includes species from the Oriental and Papuan regions that were previously placed in Capritermes. Twelve species names are included as new synonyms"--P. 320.
p. 263-323 : ill. ; 27 cm.
Includes bibliographical references (p. 320-323).