On the genera of the spider subfamily Otiothopinae (Araneae, Palpimanidae). American Museum novitates ; no. 3257

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New York, NY : American Museum of Natural History
"New information on cheliceral and genitalic morphology supports the monophyly of the genus Anisaedus Simon and suggests that A. gaujoni Simon from Ecuador and northern Peru and A. stridulans González from southern Peru are sister species, that A. pellucidas Platnick from northern Chile is their closest relative, and that A. rufus (Tullgren) from northern Argentina represents the sister group of the three west Andean species. Three new species of the genus Fernandezina Birabén are described: F. maldonado from Peru, F. dasilvai from the Atlantic forests of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and F. ilheus from the Atlantic forests of Bahia, Brazil. A new species, Otiothops atlanticus, is described, also from the Atlantic forests of Bahia, that has the most unusual genitalic features of any known otiothopine, but appears nevertheless to be most closely related to O. recurvus Platnick. A new genus, Notiothops, is described to contain two Chilean species previously misplaced in Otiothops, N. birabeni (Zapfe) and N. maulensis (Platnick), as well as six new species (N. noxiosus, N. huaquen, N. campana, N. penai, N. llolleo, and N. cekalovici) from Chile"--P. [1].
25 p. : ill. ; 26 cm.
Includes bibliographical references (p. 24-25).