A generic revision of the spider family Zodariidae (Araneae). Bulletin of the AMNH ; no. 201

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[New York] : American Museum of Natural History
"The family Zodariidae is revised at the generic level. All available type specimens of species were examined. The family history is reviewed, morphology is described, and polarity of the character variations is established. The phylogeny for the genera is derived from a cladistic analysis using HENNIG86. A list of all generic names used in Zodariidae and a key to the genera are provided. Zodariidae is diagnosed by the absence of a serrula, the presence of lateral teeth on the tarsal claws, long anterior spinnerets, and the burrowing habit. Six subfamilies are recognized: Cyriocteinae, new subfamily, Lachesaninae, new subfamily, Cydrelinae Simon, Storenomorphinae Simon, Storeninae Simon and Zodariinae Simon. The family contains 47 genera, 13 of which are new: Antillorena (type Storena pollii Simon), Aschema (type A. pallida, new species), Asteron (type A. reticulatum, new species), Forsterella (type Forsterella faceta, new species), Madrela (type M. madrela, new species), Nostera (type N. lynx, new species), Platnickia (type Drassus elegans Nicolet), Psammoduon (type Caesetius deserticola Simon), Psammorygma (type P. caligata, new species), Ranops (type R. caprivi, new species), Storamia (type Storena meadii O.P.-Cambridge), Storosa (type S. obscura, new species), and Suffasia (type Suffucia tigrina Simon). Thirteen new generic synonymies are established: Suffucia Simon and Doosia Kishida with Asceua Thorell; Hyltoniella Mello-Leitão and Valcheta Mello-Leitão with Cybaeodamus Mello-Leitão; Langbiana Hogg with Mallinella Strand; Tijucaia Mello-Leitão and Naibena Chamberlin with Tenedos O.P.-Cambridge; Patiscana Strand with Cicynethus Simon; Cydrelichus Pocock and Tryssoclitus Simon with Caesetius Simon; Systenoplacis Simon with Capheris Simon; Zodariellum Andreeva and Tyschenko with Acanthinozodium Denis; Hermippella Lessert with Palfuria Simon. The following genera were removed from the Zodariidae and transferred to the family in brackets: Arushina Caporiacco (Clubionidae), Hoplolathys Caporiacco (Dictynidae), Mevianops Mello-Leitão (Agelenidae), Tymbira Mello-Leitão (Amaurobiidae), and Zodariops Mello-Leitão (Gnaphosidae). The status of Cryptothele L. Koch is uncertain. Nanahua Badcock and Tristichops Taczanowski remain incertae sedis"--P. 4.
160 p. : ill. ; 26 cm.
Includes bibliographical references (p. 153-160).