Revision of Bledius and related genera. Part 1, The aequatorialis, mandibularis, and semiferrugineus groups and two new genera (Coleoptera, Staphylinidae, Oxytelinae). Bulletin of the AMNH ; v. 149, article 2

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New York : [American Museum of Natural History]
"Bledius is redescribed, and a key to the species-groups of the New World is presented. The species of the aequatorialis, mandibularis, and semiferrugineus groups of Bledius Leach from the Nearctic and West Indian areas and two new genera, Microbledius and Psamathobledius, are described. Illustrations, keys, diagnoses, and distributional and habitat data are presented for each species. Three new species, Microbledius playanus, Microbledius actitus, and Microbledius litoreus are described and M. forcipatus (Le Conte), M. albidus (Sharp), M. albipennis (Bernhauer), M. bifasciatus (Sharp), M. miles (Bernhauer), M. minutissimus (Bernhauer), and M. weiseri (Bernhauer) are transferred from Bledius. Psamathobledius contains P. caribbeanus (Blackwelder), P. microcephalus (Fauvel) and P. punctatissimus (Le Conte) (B. esposus Blackwelder is a new synonymy); all are transferred from Bledius. Bledius aequatorialis Mutchler, B. beattyi Blackwelder, and B. ceratus Blackwelder are included in the aequatorialis group. Bledius mandibularis Erichson, B. pallipennis Say (B. gularis Le Conte is a new synonymy), B. fortis Le Conte, B. ferratus Le Conte, and B. jacobinus Le Conte (B. actus Herman is a new synonymy) are in the mandibularis group. Bledius semiferrugineus Le Conte (B. canaliculatus Notman is a new synonymy), B. foraminosus Casey (B. relictus Fall and B. deceptivus Fall are new synonymies), B. tallaci Fall, B. gravidus Casey (B. missionensis Hatch is a new synonymy), B. rotundicollis Le Conte, B. rubiginosus Erichson, B. fumatus Le Conte, B. philadelphicus Fall (B. dickersoni Notman and B. mixtus Notman are new synonymies), and B. analis Le Conte, B. nitidicollis Le Conte, B. assimilis Casey, and B. coulteri Hatch are included in the semiferrugineus group"--P. 115.
p. 113-[254] : ill., maps ; 27 cm.
Includes bibliographical references (p. 252-253) and index.