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A generic level revision and cladistic analysis of the Myodochini of the world (Hemiptera, Lygaeidae, Rhyparochrominae). Bulletin of the AMNH ; v. 167, article 2

Show simple item record Harrington, B. Jane. en_US 2005-10-05T22:06:07Z 2005-10-05T22:06:07Z 1980 en_US
dc.description p. 49-116 : ill. ; 26 cm. en_US
dc.description Includes bibliographical references (p. 110-116). en_US
dc.description.abstract "The present study examines the rhyparochromine tribe Myodochini at the generic level on a world basis. A key to 56 genera is provided and diagnoses and brief summary descriptions of salient morphological features are given for all genera. Thirteen new genera (Ashlockaria, Bacacephalus, Ereminellus, Froeschneria, Humilocoris, Megacholula, Neopamera, Paracholula, Paraparomius, Pseudoparomius, Slaterobius, Stalaria, and Stridulocoris) and the new species Megacholula englemani are described. The following new synonymies are made: Exptochiomera with Prytanes; Neocattarus with Cholula; Sphaerobius with Erlacda; and Sphaerobius gracilis with Erlacda arhaphaeoides. New combinations include: Ashlockaria sobrius; Bacacephalus globiceps; Cholula firmus, C. irrorandus, C. maculatus, C. parvus, C. vigens; Ereminellus arizonensis; Froeschneria infumatus, F. multispinus, F. oblitus, F. piligerus, F. vicinalis; Horridipamera bergrothi, H. ebenaui, H. inconspicuus, H. perlongus, H. pullatus, H. rusticus, H. spinicrus, H. subsericeus; Humilocoris cephalotes; Ligyrocoris occultus; Neopamera albocinctus, N. bilobata, N. brachialis, N. costalis, N. crassicornis, N. honduranus, N. insularis, N. intermedius, N. mumfordi, N. neotropicalis, N. paganus, N. platanus, N. procerulus, N. recinctus, N. serripes, N. sororculus, N. tineodes, N. tuberculatus, N. vicarius, N. vividus; Orthaea consuta, O. procinctus ; Pamerana punctulatus, P. scotti, P. sinae; Paracholula thoracicus, P. vegetus; Paraeucosmetus albofasciatus, P. crassiceps, P. gemmatus, P. harimaensis, P. malayus, P. mimulus, P. nervosus, P. sladeni, P. vitalisi, Paraparomius lateralis, P. leptopoides; Paromius limbatus; Prytanes albomaculata, P. caeca, P. confusa, P. dissimilis, P. foeda, P. formosa, P. fusicornis, P. intercisa, P. minima, P. oblonga, P. plebeius, P. tumens; Pseudopachybrachius basalis, P. capicolus, P. nesovinctus, P. pacificus, P. reductus, P. undulatus, P. vinctus; Pseudopamera ater, P. institius, P. setosa; Pseudoparomius linearis; Remaudiereana africana, R. andrewsi, R. annulipes, R. boninensis, R. castanea, R. flavipes, R. horvathi, R. inornatus, R. kydippe, R. nigra, R. nigriceps, R. noctuabundus, R. octonotata, R. puberulus, R. robustus, R. sidnicus, R. sobrina, R. tibialis; Slaterobius insignis, S. quadristriatus; Stalaria ferruginosus, S. kisseis, S. nysias; Stigmatonotum afrus, S. geniculatus; Stridulocoris gracilis. A cladistic analysis of the myodochine genera is presented with emphasis on the valuable character system of the male genitalia. Plesiomorphic and apomorphic states are designated for all characters employed, and only synapomorphic character states are employed to infer relationship and to construct a generic cladogram for the tribe Myodochini. The phylogeny shown in the cladogram is viewed against the current known distributions of the various living myodochine species and used to propose a broad zoogeographic hypothesis about the origins of the tribe and major monophyletic assemblages within the Myodochini. Almost total lack of transoceanic sister groups at the generic level suggests a post-Gondwanaland origin and evolution for the tribe, and the distributional patterns also attest to the isolated evolution of two major lineages in North America"--P. 49. en_US
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dc.publisher New York : American Museum of Natural History en_US
dc.relation.ispartofseries Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History ; v. 167, article 2 en_US
dc.subject.lcc QH1 .A4 vol.167, art.2, 1980 en_US
dc.subject.lcsh Lygaeidae en_US
dc.title A generic level revision and cladistic analysis of the Myodochini of the world (Hemiptera, Lygaeidae, Rhyparochrominae). Bulletin of the AMNH ; v. 167, article 2 en_US
dc.title.alternative Myodochini en_US
dc.type text en_US

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