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This index of Museum Annual Reports spans the first report in 1870 to the most recent report (for the year 2006). Please note that searches may not be comprehensive because the recognition and indexing of words in the scanned text was done by machine using the technology of optical character recognition (OCR) which can vary in accuracy depending on the quality of the original scan.

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About the Museum Annual Reports

In January of 1870 the first Annual Report of the American Museum of Natural History was published. The topics discussed included the recent articles of incorporation, gifts to the expanding collection, purchases made in Europe, and a circular sent via the U.S. State Department and the United States Navy soliciting acquisitions from all corners of the globe.

While the Annual Reports began as an account of the previous calendar year activities, during certain periods the coverage shifted to the fiscal year. In the more recent reports, coverage includes more than one fiscal year. Subsequent reports document major events at the Museum, including expeditions, hall openings, building expansions, as well as departmental news. Key staff are listed, and in some later reports a yearly bibliography of staff scientists’ publications are included.

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